Spanish Raptor Silhouette Competition

Spanish Raptor Silhouette Competition

Are you a Spanish Bird crack! Can you identify the following raptors just from the silhouettes? Have a go – 50% right at the first attempt is pretty good!

Download the full size raptor silhouetteslo image

Hello Birders!

Well the blog is online at last!

Hopefully we’ll be able to keep it updated but for that we’re going to need your help. There’ll be articles, competitions, interesting links and opinions, information on the birds and birding sites in northeast Spain, photos, recommendations….and interaction, lots of interaction.

Well, anyway, that’s the idea! Just how interactive it is will depend on you.

Things should really get going in the next posts, where we aim to introduce a section called “The top 10 birds of northeast Spain – ours and yours” and perhaps a competition or two, just to get things rolling. So pay attention, we’ll be back soon!


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