New hide photography brochure now available

Hide Photography in Catalonia


New hide photography brochure now available

This is the cover of the attractive new brochure on bird photography in Catalonia just edited by Birding In Spain and La Sabina.

It’s packed with some great bird photos – all of them taken from our hides – and tons of relevant information about bird photo trips and hide use, location, species etc.

A big thanks to all who contributed to make it possible, above all photographers who contributed a lot of the photos, such as Yves Adams, and especially to Eva Solanes. Eva was responsible for the graphic design and we think she did an excellent job. Congratulations Eva!

Anyone interested in seeing more of this brochure can request a copy by sending us an e-mail.

Happy birding, and great photography!

19 Responses to “New hide photography brochure now available”

  1. Frank Dröge Says:
  2. Always interested in the new folder Steve.


  3. Schneider Pierre Says:
  4. Hi birders,
    can I have a copy of your new brochure please ?

  5. admin Says:
  6. A copy of our new photography brochure can only be sent to photographers who send us an e-mail with their home address.

  7. Stefan Says:
  8. Hi
    Can you please send me copy of your new brochure please?

  9. Bjørn Hellang Says:
  10. Inerested in the folder 🙂


  11. Jan Svetlik Says:
  12. Hi
    Can you please send me copy of your new brochure please?

  13. Barry Jackson Says:
  14. Hi.
    Please could you send details of your hide photography brochure.
    Many thanks

  15. Ipas Michel Says:
  16. Hi
    Could you tell me how to have this brochure and the way to contact you ?

  17. Gary Thoburn Says:
  18. Was looking into bird hide photogapahy in the Pyrenees, and came across your brochure! Can you please send me a copy, or tell me how to get hold of one?

  19. Phil Perry Says:
  20. Please email me a copy of the new brochure. Very interested in hide photography.

  21. Bruce Kendrick Says:
  22. Please could you send me a copy of your new hides brochure please. Very many thanks

  23. admin Says:
  24. Hello Bruce

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I’m afraid we missed your request, as we try to insist that the best way of contacting us is through a direct e-mail (our e-mail address is very visible at the foot of the home page). Do you still require a copy?

    Best Regards

    Steve West

  26. Pl send E brochure for Sep 2018 . Thx

  27. Allan Kierulff Says:
  28. would you please send me a brochure about you hides.

    Bedst regards

  29. admin Says:
  30. I put this here in case anyone else reads these comments: if you have a genuine request for advice, brochures, etc please send us an e-mail. We hardly ever look at the comments section here, because most of the time it’s spam! Sorry for the late reply.

  31. Marleen van der Velde Says:
  32. Hello,
    Would love to receive this new brochure for bird photography also do you have adresses of photohuts in Catalonië.
    Thanks in advance,

  33. Nigel Parker Says:
  34. Hi,
    Could you please send me a copy of your bird hide brochures?

    Thanks in advance,
    Nigel Parker

  35. van vyve alain Says:
  36. please send me the brochure on the birdhides


  37. ray o connell Says:
  38. please send me the brochure on the birdhides

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