New and cool! Midsummer Central Spain Tour

NEW! From Birding In Spain…

An exciting new Midsummer tour in Spain, with …

Wallcreeper Tichodroma muraria

Wallcreepers are one of the star attractions

Alpine or Yellow-billed Chough

Alpine or Yellow-billed Chough. Photo by Franck Renard

Imagine those high altitude species – Wallcreeper, Alpine Chough, Alpine Accentor and Snow Finch – almost at your feet!

Spanish Imperial Eagle

Spanish Imperial Eagle. Phto by Dirk van de Peer.

Raptors include Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black Vulture and European Honey Buzzard.

The sierra de Gredos has dehesa, rock slopes, forests, valleys and mountain passes, and lots of birds!

Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio

Red-backed Shrike. Photo by Colin Bradshaw

Ortolan Bunting

Ortolan Bunting Emberiza hortulana

Rock Bunting Emberiza cia

Rock Bunting. Photo by Colin

Western bonelli's Warbler Phylloscopus bonelli

Western bonelli’s Warbler. Photo by Colin

And down on the plains…

Great Bustard Otis tarda

Great Bustard. Photo by Johan

Bustards, sandgrouse, larks, Montagu’s Harriers and more.
… and Butterflies

Western Marbled White

Western Marbled White. Photo by Susan Hengeveld.

On our trial tour in June 2022 we identified over 50 species of butterfly without trying too hard. There’ll be no rest for butterfly enthusiasts!
… and Stunning Scenery

Picos de Europa view

Picos de Europa view

Picos de Europa view

Picos de Europa view

Here you will enjoy some of the best mountain scenery in Spain

And all the rest that goes to make for an unforgettable tour…

  • Good hotels with local flavour
    Good food and wine
    The right pace
    Well-planned logistics
    Professional guiding
    Good weather? (please!)
Central Spain tour map

Central Spain tour map

A thoroughly enjoyable holiday in very capable hands. Because we’re serious about your free time.

** Bear in mind that we can also tailor any tour we offer to suit private tours for couples or group tours of 4 people or more. The main benefit to you of having more people in your group is, apart from the company, the possibility of negotiating a better rate.

Dates: 14th to 21st June

Tour price – 1775 euros

Interested, but not committed? That’s not a problem – send us an email requesting more information and we’ll be happy to send you full details.

Dutch birders spring birding in Lleida

Michiel from the Netherlands had been with us before, the first time almost 10 years ago! This time he came to Lleida for five days with 2 friends.

Dutch birder on cliff edge

Dutch birder on cliff edge near Lleida

We spent one day on the nearby plains of Huesca, one day in the Ebro Delta, one day in the Pre-Pyrenees, one day around Lleida, and one day at and around Belchite.
174 species in all, here are the highlights of each day:

1. Black Stork, Egyptian Vulture, Golden Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Stone Curlew, Alpine Swift, Hoopoe, Iberian Green Woodpecker, Calandra Lark, Black-eared Wheatear, Black Wheatear, Blue Rock Thrush, Rock Sparrow, Penduline Tit, Iberian Grey Shrike

2. Garganey, Little Bittern, Purple Heron, Spoonbill, Goshawk, Osprey, waders, Slender-billed Gull, Audouin’s Gull, Caspian Tern, Black Tern, Gull-billed Tern, Whiskered Tern, Water Pipit, Whinchat, Savi’s Warbler, Western Subalpine Warbler, Spotted Crake

3. Lammergeier, Black Vulture, Short-toed Eagle, Dipper, Rock Bunting, Firecrest, Crested Tit, Cirl Bunting.

4. Pallid Harrier, Booted Eagle, Bonelli’s Eagle, Merlin, Little Bustard, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Dupont’s Lark (h), Pin-tailed Sandgrouse (h), Red-rumped Swallow, Hawfinch.

Mediterranean Short-toed Lark

Mediterranean Short-toed Lark. Photo by Michele Mendi

5. Golden Eagle, Black-bellied Sandgrouse, Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Dupont’s Lark, Mediterranean Short-toed Lark, Greater Short-toed Lark, Wryneck, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker, Golden Eagle, Hen Harrier, Little Bustard, Stone Curlew, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Spectacled Warbler, Dartford Warbler.

Birding with lots of birds, good company and good weather. What more could you ask for?