Birding around Barcelona II

Birding around Barcelona

This could be an important notice for all birders planning to visit the Llobregat Delta reserves, maybe before taking their flight back home from Barcelona airport, or starting their birding trip after flying into the same.

Hide for birding in the Llobregat Delta near Barcelona

The opening times of the Cal Tet and Remolar-Filipines reserves of the Llobregat Delta are less than convenient, so don’t get caught out like I was recently. It could put an unwelcome slant to your birding plans!

Furthermore, the access road to the Remolar-Filipines reserve has a barrier that is lowered when the reserve is closed, and at weekends, which causes problems of a different nature, namely:

(i) When access is barred you have to walk for about 15 minutes each way if you want to go to the beach and do a seawatch, for example.

(ii) At the same time the only option for parking your vehicle is in an un-manned car park another 5 minutes away. But that’s not all! This also has its opening and closing times, and any cars left inside when the gate is closed remain there until the gates are opened the following day.

(iii) If you manage to drive along the reserve access road to the car park at the entrance to the Remolar-Filipines reserve well done, but don’t be too complacent. Once I was with birding clients visiting the reserve before dropping them off at Barcelona airport and we were locked in! It was my fault – after the reserve closed I suggested doing a very profitable seawatch from the nearby beach, ignoring the fact that the barrier at the head of the access road was lowered shortly after the Llobregat Delta reserve itself was closed.

Timetable of opening hours of the Remolar-Filipines reserve of the Llobregat Delta near Barcelona

If you need a translation just send us an e-mail and we’ll be happy to send you one. 

So be informed! Here are the current opening times – you might need a bit of time to study and memorize them, but it could be worth your while. Remember that birding in the Llobregat Delta on the edge of Barcelona can be a rewarding activity. On recent visits with clients we have seen birds such as Greater Flamingo, Purple Gallinule, Yelkouan Shearwater, Common Waxbill, Penduline Tit, plenty of waders, ducks, terns and gulls, and even a group of Bottlenose Dolphins close to shore!

A message from France

French wildlife photographer Roger Isoard

Je vais donc selon la tradition, me présenter!

Je m’appelle Roger Isoard et je suis adhérent au “Pic Vert” depuis un peu plus d’un an. J’habite un peu loin du voironnais dans un petit village perdu des Alpes de Haute-Provence. Quand mon emploi du temps me le permet j’essaie aussi de faire quelques photos animalières, surtout les oiseaux. J’y suis venu parce que j’aime la nature, d’ailleurs j’y ai même par tradition villageoise pratiqué la chasse jusqu’à vingt ans (je suis à la retraite!!) puis la passion de la nature et du vivant s’est vraiment affirmée. J’ai d’abord été naturaliste, (je le suis toujours!) j’ai été tenté par la digiscopie avant de devenir amateur photographe et un oiseau ou un quelconque bestiau dans l’œilleton de mon appareil me provoque toujours autant d’émotion!

J’ai donc eu la chance de passer quelques jours en Catalogne dans des affuts et je suis encore époustouflé des observations que nous avons faites, notamment le Bonnelli et l’autour! J’ai donc choisi quelques photos sur les centaines prises (3 par espèces de rapace!)

Bonelli’s Eagle, Hieraaetus fasciatus.

Marsh Harrier, Circus aeruginosus.

Common Buzzard, Buteo buteo.

Steve, encore merci pour les magnifiques moments de nature que tu nous as permis de passer à Montsonis et félicitations pour ton savoir-faire, ta connaissance des espèces et ton professionnalisme.

Je souhaite que ces actions contribuent fortement à la connaissance et à la protection de ces espèces et de leurs habitats et aussi à la création du activité économique sur la dialectique développement-protection.

Je t’autorise à utiliser ce texte et photos pour ton blog en te souhaitant beaucoup de succès.

Bien amicalement et bonnes photos!


Lammergeier, Gypaetus barbatus. Photo of Bearded Vulture by Roger Isoard.

Thekla Lark, Galerida theklae.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and kind words Roger, and of course for sharing these photos with us all!

I have a burst pipe in my cellar

I have a burst pipe in my cellar

I have a burst pipe in my cellar. I think I’ll phone an expert plumber and ask him for free advice on how to fix it.


“Hello, is that Worldwide Travels?”

“Yes, how can we help you?”

“Well, we’re in the process of establishing a Travel Agency, and one of our star packages is to Turkey. We know that you have been operating in Turkey for many years now and we were wondering if you could tell us the name of a really good local driver, the best local guide and of course some more information about the itineraries that work the best for you”.

“Of course Sir, and while we’re at it why don’t you copy our name too?”

“Actually, we’ve already done that”


Are you interested in contracting guided birding in Spain?

– No.

Would you like to participate in one of our bird photo trips?

– No.

Are you going to participate or have you participated in any birding trip led  by Steve?

– No.

Have you acquired a copy of “Where the birds are in northeast Spain” or “Flying over the Pyrenees, standing on the plains”

– No.

Have you “liked” Birding In Spain on Facebook?

– No.

Have you clicked on any of the links for recommended accommodation on the Birding In Spain website?

– No.

Have you commented on any of the Birding In Spain blog articles?

– No.

The Birding In Spain website has lots of free birding itineraries, recommendations, advice, downloads etc. We hope you enjoy them and that they are useful. It may be tempting to ask for more, but before you do why not ask yourself if you really believe that a family of four can make a living out of  “No”s.


Be positive.

Raptor Special Bird Photo Trips – late availability!

Raptor Special Photo Trip

Although our spring plains birds photo trips are all but fully booked this year, we still have some dates available for a raptor special photo trip this February and March.

These are the dates still available at the time of writing: 

From 11th  to 16th  February

From 6th  to 15th  March

From 24th  to 30th  March

Get more details by downloading the pdf below, as well as a look at the kind of photo you could be taking from our hides.

Then contact us to find out more, and if special conditions can be applied to you or your group. 

Raptor Special Photo Trip with Birding In Spain