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Expect the unexpected is not satisfied with being "just another bird tour company". Our ambition is to set standards that others will eventually follow. Even though Steve West has been living and birding in northeast Spain for 20 years, has written two books based on the birds of the region and contributed to others, that is not enough. is and wants to be committed to conservation, and declares so unashamedly. And with conservation in mind we have developed the concept of "Natural Hotspot Holidays".

The basic idea of a Natural Hotspot Holiday is to identify natural hotspots – small areas with an incredibly high biodiversity and an unusual array of landscapes. Within a 25 kilometre (16 mile) radius of an imaginary centre of a natural hotspot it will be possible to see more than 120 species of birds, and some very special birds at that.

These are some of the benefits of doing a Natural Hotspot Holiday:

  • Much less driving (lower carbon emissions), a more relaxing peace and more time to enjoy wildlife
  • Detailed knowledge of the most interesting places for the birder and naturalist
  • Wide range of scarce or emblematic species like Lammergeier, Bonelli's Eagle, Little Bustard, Roller, etc.
  • Accommodation at small rural hotels as close as possible to the best birding areas.
  • Nature aside, we are also well set to enable you to enjoy the best of the rest – gastronomy, festivals...
  • Visiting the area without destroying any part of the natural wealth that you have come here to see.
  • Participating in a hotspot holiday will help to raise local awareness of the benefits of sustainable tourism.
  • Bring your family too, if they don't want to take part in the Hotspot Holiday, you can request our programme leave them with us.
  • Depending on the group preferences, we can arrange a visit to a local point of cultural or historical interest.
  • Joining a Natural Hotspot Holiday will help to protect the local environment and benefit local populations.

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