Steve West has been living and birding in and around Lleida, Spain, since 1988. Birding In Spain is run by Steve and his wife, Florinda Vidal, and is aided by a series of local partnerships which they have managed to build up over the years.  

Steve has been organizing, leading or co-leading bird tours around different parts of Spain since 1996.  In that time he has collaborated with bird tour companies from the UK, Holland, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and the USA. He is fluent in both Spanish and Catalan.

Birding In Spain represents the wealth of knowledge that Steve has built up over more than 2 decades of living in the country where he guides. This is detailed knowledge of the exciting places worth seeing, mainly because of the birds that inhabit them! Much of this knowledge is reflected in Steve’s first book “Where the birds are in northeast Spain”, and in the "Sites and Itineraries" section of the Birding In Spain website.

However, Birding In Spain is more than knowing where the birds are. It’s about fellow birders coming to Spain and contacting us to help them get the most from the experience. In other words, it’s about professional service in a specialist niche. It’s about information, personal treatment, efficiency, reliability, good planning and much more.

Since 2009 Birding In Spain has also been about bird photography from hides and bird photo trips. If you are a keen bird or wildlife photographer you might want to go straight to the “Hide Photography” section to get more information.

Happy birding!

For more information about guided birding in northeast Spain please contact: