Facebook Raptor Silhouettes Quiz – the answers

Raptor Silhouettes

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By popular request we have to give the answers – already! So if you want to have a go yourself first of all, don’t look at the following.

Raptor Silhouettes – the Answers:

1. Egyptian Vulture

2. Honey Buzzard

3. Booted Eagle

4. Black Vulture

5. Eleonora’s Falcon

6. Marsh Harrier

7. Hen Harrier

8. Short-toed Eagle

9. Black-winged Kite

10. Hobby

11. Montagu’s Harrier

12. Bonelli’s Eagle

13. Common Kestrel

14. Goshawk

15. Osprey

16. Black Kite

17. Peregrine

18. Red-footed Falcon

19. Griffon Vulture

20. Golden Eagle

21.  Merlin

22. Common Buzzard

Oops! I got one wrong accidentally on purpose! Can anyone tell me which one?

Watching Migrants Leaving Spain

Tarifa, September 2011

From the 4th to 10th September I was leading the Ornitholidays tour “Tarifa at Leisure” . That meant staying in just one hotel, the lovely Palomar de la Breña, for the whole week and making sorties to watch the migrants crossing the straits and to look for other local avian goodies.In some 5 sessions of raptor watching we spotted Rüppell’s Vulture (1 juvenile, with a possible second that had to remain just “possible”), 2 Goshawks, 1 Bonelli’s Eagle, dozens of Egyptian Vultures and Griffon Vultures, More than 20 Black Storks, dozens of Short-toed Eagles, more than 200 Booted Eagles, hundreds of Honey Buzzards, a dozen Montagu’s Harriers, Sparrowhawks, Lesser Kestrels and flocks of hirundines and Bee-eaters.

Juvenile Rüppell’s Vulture, Gyps ruppellii

A Western Olivaceous Warbler, 3 Black-winged Kites, almost 20 Collared Pratincoles, Iberian Chiffchaff, White-headed Ducks and a Monarch Butterfly were some of the other highlights of an interesting week spent at the other end of this country called Spain.

Watching raptor migration at Tarifa

It wasn’t always easy to keep our eyes on the raptors….