Facebook Raptor Silhouettes Quiz – the answers

Raptor Silhouettes

Click on the link to see the original raptors silhouettes poster on Facebook and the subsequent thread:


By popular request we have to give the answers – already! So if you want to have a go yourself first of all, don’t look at the following.

Raptor Silhouettes – the Answers:

1. Egyptian Vulture

2. Honey Buzzard

3. Booted Eagle

4. Black Vulture

5. Eleonora’s Falcon

6. Marsh Harrier

7. Hen Harrier

8. Short-toed Eagle

9. Black-winged Kite

10. Hobby

11. Montagu’s Harrier

12. Bonelli’s Eagle

13. Common Kestrel

14. Goshawk

15. Osprey

16. Black Kite

17. Peregrine

18. Red-footed Falcon

19. Griffon Vulture

20. Golden Eagle

21.  Merlin

22. Common Buzzard

Oops! I got one wrong accidentally on purpose! Can anyone tell me which one?

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