A3As fruit forests


A3As stands for The Association of Trees, Bees and Roots
(Translated from the Catalan: Arbres, Abelles and Arrels – see the 3 “A”s?)

Together these three things symbolize nature, tradition, belonging, sustainability, food, shelter, home…

A3As is a non-lucrative organization which has already started planting fruit forests. With help from people such as yourself they want to plant more. 

Click on this link to see a short presentation of who A3As is, and what they have already started doing 

A3As presentation eng

We’ll give you a clue: climate change, food, environment, social change, sustainability, nature, soil, pollinators…

… if ever there was a time surely it must be now. 

Who or what is A3As
A3As planting trees for people and bees
A3As working with municipalities
A3As where we plant

A3As: what trees we plant

A3As: well-planned projects

We have established a Tree Fund, and we are always on the look out for contributors, catalyzers or colleagues. Please contact Steve at Birding In Spain if you have anything to say or ask. 

Iceland gallery 1

We like photos of Iceland. It’s so photogenic!

Some more photos from our autumn 2018 tour. All things permitting, we’re running a June 2022 tour, with some special offers for bringing a friend/companion and for booking early. Contact Steve at info@birdinginspain.com if you would like more information.

Iceland: Whaling, or fishing? There’s the other half putting her happy face to her lack of fishing skills!

Iceland Red-throated Diver in breeding plumage. In autumn we saw them in more drab winter colours. Photo by Colin Bradshaw.

Iceland: just one of the amazing views

Iceland: Skogafoss waterfall – spectacular, but there’s more…

… Like … Gullfoss waterfall. It’s easy to get blasé about spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, so how about something different?

Like sulphurous fumaroles?

Want more…? Birds, beasts, landscapes, people? Because Iceland has plenty of that…

Iceland awakes 2022 tour

Iceland 2018 and 2022 – some comments by happy people

“We all enjoyed the trip and were awed by the scenery… spectacular. Speaking of spectacular we saw James’ video of the humpbacked whale – great sequence.” James

“Some great memories thanks and a lovely bunch of folk to tour with.” Janet

Iceland whale excursion

“Our trip to Iceland with you was hotly anticipated and it didn’t disappoint. The scenery was magnificent as were the birds, seals, whales, etc. The Golden Plover sitting on a little mound while we all took photos was a particular highlight for me as was the Gyr Falcon and Great Northern Diver close to shore, but there were too many great sightings to list them all. We enjoyed the local food and our accommodation in various beautiful locations was perfect. As usual you delivered, Steve. Thank you and Florinda.” Mary

Iceland Humpback Whale – one got so close that it blew salt spray into my face!

“I really didn’t know what to expect from my birding trip to Iceland, but I was delighted to find out how amazing it was. There are numerous species of birds to be seen, and Steve has a keen knowledge of them and where to find them. Best of all, you can do it all while traveling through one of the most beautiful and iconic landscape in the world – Iceland – a trip to experience.” Andy

Iceland Red-necked Phalarope – Photo by Colin Bradshaw

“In September 2018, together with my non birding son, I went on a 10 day tour of Iceland led by Steve West of Birding In Spain. Steve worked tirelessly to find the birds and we had a very successful birding trip. He also managed to incorporate all the important ‘tourist sites’ and general wildlife into our trip. A very successful tour on a magical island that catered for everyone. We even got the Northern Lights. This was my third birding trip with Steve, he remains my first choice for guided trips.” Ian