Iceland gallery 1

We like photos of Iceland. It’s so photogenic!

Some more photos from our autumn 2018 tour. All things permitting, we’re running a June 2022 tour, with some special offers for bringing a friend/companion and for booking early. Contact Steve at if you would like more information.

Iceland: Whaling, or fishing? There’s the other half putting her happy face to her lack of fishing skills!

Iceland Red-throated Diver in breeding plumage. In autumn we saw them in more drab winter colours. Photo by Colin Bradshaw.

Iceland: just one of the amazing views

Iceland: Skogafoss waterfall – spectacular, but there’s more…

… Like … Gullfoss waterfall. It’s easy to get blasé about spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, so how about something different?

Like sulphurous fumaroles?

Want more…? Birds, beasts, landscapes, people? Because Iceland has plenty of that…

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