Raptor Silhouettes: the solutions

I’ve recently detected a growing unease among some birding factions on the Internet. Some have written to forums pleading for help, while others have gone straight to the point and have e-mailed me asking for the solution to the raptor silhouette competion available on this page at the BirdingInSpain.com main site.

I’m about to reveal the answers.

So if you want to have a go yourself without cheating follow the link and read no further…

If, however, you are stumped, and there’s no harm in admitting it because it was a difficult test and as far as I recall no-one has got 20 out of the 22, read on…

1. Honey Buzzard

2. Black-winged Kite

3. Red Kite

4. Osprey

5. Short-toed Eagle

6. Goshawk

7. Booted Eagle

8. Eleonora’s Falcon

9. Common Buzzard

10. Peregrine

11. Black Kite

12. Hen Harrier

13. Bonelli’s Eagle

14. Montagu’s Harrier

15. Golden Eagle

16. Egyptian Vulture

17. Marsh Harrier

18. Hobby

19. Sparrowhawk

20. Common Kestrel

21. Griffon Vulture

22. Lammergeier

Most difficulties were caused by numbers 2, 7, 8 and 12. Of course, true to the BirdingInSpain theme they are all raptors that can be seen in northeast Spain.

Did you enjoy it? Was it worth my time? Would someone like another more difficult/easier one?

I await your comments.

3 Responses to “Raptor Silhouettes: the solutions”

  1. Stacey Wittig Says:
  2. This makes me want to go back to Spain…now! I am trying to confirm that what I saw while walking El Camino de Santiago five miles west of St. Jean de Pied Port in Late September were lammergeiers.

    If I remember correctly, they were quite noisy. What do you think, Steve? Possible?

  3. admin Says:
  4. Hi Stacey

    They could have been – when adults and immatures come together they often make a lot of whining noises, and the place you mention seems to be within their range.
    How many birds were there?
    In an upcoming post you will be able to see some more photos of Lammergeiers, taken by Franck Renard, a Belgian photographer who recently came on our Lammergeier phototour and went away very pleased with the results.

  5. Vivian Says:
  6. where do I find the answers for Raptor Silhouette 1?

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