Raptor silhouettes solutions

If you have tried the Raptor Silhouettes II Challenge and have come a little unstuck then I have the solutions for you!

However, I will not release them unless somebody out there actually asks me to.

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  1. Detlef Koch Says:
  2. sorry – where can I find the solutions of Silhouettes II… or can you email me them???

    It’s a great idea


  3. barbara bürgi Says:
  4. i am still waiting for the solution of the raptor silhouettes II. Please release those too.
    They are so difficult. thanks in advance.

  5. admin Says:
  6. Hi Barbara

    I have recently posted the solutions to more than half of the silhouettes. Do you have any suggestions about the identity of the others?

  7. barbara bürgi Says:
  8. 12 hen harrier ?

  9. admin Says:
  10. I’d like to give you full marks for persistence – number 12 is Golden Eagle.

    Keep going!

  11. rebordao Says:
  12. 3 Hieraaetus pennatus Booted Eagle ?

  13. rebordao Says:
  14. 4 Aegypius monachus ?

  15. admin Says:
  16. Well done Rebordao, both are correct! 3 = Booted Eagle and 4 = Black Vulture.

  17. Rustin Says:
  18. Can you please post the solutions to Raptors II?

  19. Andrew Connor Says:
  20. Hi my parents are in Mallorca at the moment please send me solution to silhouette they are beginner birders and I’d appreciate it if you could.

  21. admin Says:
  22. Sorry Andrew, but to get a timely reply you really should send us an e-mail. We do not consult the blog very often these days I’m afraid.

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