Top 50 birds of northeast Spain: Wallcreeper

Wallcreeper Tichodroma muraria

Birds in Spain: Wallcreeper Photo
The Wallcreeper breeds in the Pyrenees of Spain on high mountain rock walls at an average altitude of 1,930 m. Between October and April most of the Wallcreeper population of northeast Spain descends to lower levels. At such times it can be found well to the south of the Pyrenees. itineraries where the Wallcreeper may be found: Hecho and Ansó valleys, Benasque, Serra del Cadí, Sierra de Guara west (winter), Montsec (winter), Cap de Creus (winter).

Wallcreeper distribution map in northeast Spain

3 Responses to “Top 50 birds of northeast Spain: Wallcreeper”

  1. Scot Penny Says:
  2. Seen this evening 5-5.50 pm near El Toyo, Almeria Spain. Flying over high buildings …looking for possible warm roost prior to rain?

  3. admin Says:
  4. Wallcreepers are on the move in November and March, and so then turn up in places not usually seen.

  5. Peter Colen Says:
  6. Hi,
    I am wondering where I might see a Wallcreeper in mid-september. It looks like Garraf may be a better place to look than Cap de Cruz at this time of the year since they are still high on mountains.
    Thanks for any leads.


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