Belchite: home of the Dupont’s Lark

It should be known to anyone about to come birding in Spain that the SEO reserve of Belchite is a stronghold for the prized Dupont’s lark. The two reserves of la Lomaza and el Planerón both hold enough Dupont’s Larks to sustain a healthy population, and to attract a large number of birders to this part of Spain in early spring.

Dupont’s Lark country

But there’s more to birding in Spain than just larks, you know. There are sandgrouse too, and Stone Curlews, Little Owls, Golden Eagles, Dotterel, Lesser Short-toed Lark. Ok that’s a lark too, but there are so many around Belchite that I just had to mention it!

And then there are those early morning rises to get to the reserve before the crack of dawn, before the Dupont’s Lark bursts into song. You stand there shivering, swatting mosquitoes and wondering what you are doing here. Then slowly the sun rises and the rocky horizon glows red just as the first Dupont’s Lark starts to sing.

Yep! There’s gold in them thar hills!

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  1. In Search of Dupont’s Lark Says:
  2. […] If there were a “big five” of Spanish birds my candidates would be Lammergeier, Wallcreeper, Great Bustard, Spanish Imperial Eagle, and Dupont’s Lark. Of these the last two stand out as being the only species with a European range restricted to a single country: Spain. And in Spain one of the best sites for searching for a Dupont’s Lark is undoubtedly the SEO-Birdlife reserve of Belchite. […]

  3. In Search of Dupont’s Lark Says:
  4. […] of the best sites for searching for a Dupont’s Lark is undoubtedly the SEO-Birdlife reserve of Belchite.Although this patch of pristine Spanish steppe seems to be a tailor-made meeting point between […]

  5. Helge Kvam Says:
  6. When is the best time of the year for listening to the Dupont’s Lark at Belchite? (I want to make recording of the song.)

    Helge Kvam
    norwegian birdwatcher)

  7. admin Says:
  8. Hello Helge

    The best time of year for listening to Dupont’s Larks at Belchite is between the end of February and the end of May.

    Happy recording!

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