Raptors! game crowdfunding initiative a success!

Raptors! game crowdfunding initiative

This is just a short note of thanks to all of you who contributed to our recent crowdfunding initiative on the Verkami webiste. We set the sights quite high, at 4,750 euros, and despite the nail-biting finish we reached our goal.

Raptors! Rapinyaires! Rapaces! Verkami crowdfunding initiative

Our special thanks to Roy Mangersnes who allowed us to use his great Little Owl photo free of charge as the cover photo of the campaign. And thanks to all those who contributed from 10 euros to more than 600 euros. We’re now very close to making the game a reality.

If anyone would like information or insights into crowdfunding, the highs and lows, the work behind the scenes, or any advice we can offer send us an e-mail.

Sponsors: We are co-ordinating with the printers to have the game ready as soon as possible and are hopeful that the day of presentation will be on Saturday December 1st at Montsonís. You are all welcome!

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