Advent Calendar – December 12th


Sometimes images are much better than words …

And sometimes it can be the other way round, if it’s the right number of words, and in the right order.

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up

Nelson Mandela

I worked this image of a Little Egret from a photograph taken by Adam Crowther in the Ebro Delta in November 2021. I was with him and his wife, Daniela, also a keen amateur wildlife photographer, when he took this photo. They were virtually the first travellers I was fortunate enough to guide after almost two years of forced inactivity, thanks to Covid-you-know-who.

Since then another two years have passed. You can’t sit still, because life is always in motion; yet if you are too impatient and you make a false move you’ll either scare the fish away, or miss it when you strike.

I’ve watched Little Egrets catching little fish before in the Ebro Delta, but I’ve also watched them try and fail. Imagine what would happen if the egrets just gave up after a couple of misses. They don’t.

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