Bonelli’s Eagle: Top 50 birds of Birding in Spain

Bonelli’s Eagle   Hieraaetus fasciatus

The Bonelli’s Eagle is a resident species with juvenile dispersal to non-breeding areas with abundant prey items. The Bonelli’s Eagle is undergoing a serious decline throughout its range, which in Spain is mostly due to electrocution, illegal shooting and habitat fragmentation. Nevertheless, Spain holds around 70% of the European population of this marvellous species of bird. The healthiest populations of Bonelli’s Eagle in northeast Spain are found in the sierras of Tarragona in Catalonia.

Bonelli’s Eagle distribution map in northeast Spain

Some birding itineraries in northeast Spain where the Bonelli’s Eagle can be seen: Els Ports, Cardó massif, Prades and Montsant ranges, Garraf, Montgrí massif, Cap de Creus, Montsec range.

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  1. Penny Hale Says:
  2. Hi, I just thought I would let you know that we saw a beautiful juvenile Bonelli’s Eagle this afternoon. He was flying around in front of Els Ports above the TV3421 about halfway between Raval de Crist and Mas de Barberans. Wonderful sight.

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