Birding in Ordesa National Park

Ordesa National Park was the first national Park in Spain and one of the first in Europe. It’s an area of exceptional natural beauty in the Pyrenees of Aragón and borders with France.

It is home to the most emblematic mountain birds that can be seen in the region, such as Wallcreeper, Lammergeier, Black Woodpecker, Snowfinch, Citril Finch and Alpine Accentor. But it’s not a place for car-bound birders! Get out and walk through Beech forests, Scots and Corsican Pine, fir, alpine meadows with pristine streams and rivers, scree slopes, and enjoy the exercise, the scents, the breeze, the scenery. And of course the birds.

A word of warning though: Ordesa gets very busy at the peak tourist periods (summer and easter week), so either plan your visit to avoid these times, or get up early before the crowds. Unless you like being one of the crowd!

Birding in Ordesa National Park

Birding in Ordesa National Park was my very first experience of birding in Spain. I came in April with the University Bird Club and we spent a whole day bathed in beautiful spring sunshine, soaking up the natural ambience of this wonderful area. We also managed to see Black Woodpecker, Alpine Accentor, Lammergeier and Wallcreeper. I don’t think I will ever forget that Wallcreeper. My first, and hopefully not my last.

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  1. Phil Says:
  2. Ordesa is fantastic for birds. If your having trouble finding Lammergeier visit Gargantua de Escuain on the west side of the park. Here they have a Lammergeier feeding station and there’s usually 4 birds that can be seen there very close up.

    For alpine accentors you need to get high – I often see one on the summit of Monte Perdido searching for crumbs and leftovers from picnics. Not afraid of people at all and often will happily feed just a couple of metres away from you.

    Enjoy this fantastic area,
    Phil James

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