Welcome Back Great Spotted Cuckoo!

Spring is in the air in northeast Spain (feels more like summer). The almond trees are in full bloom on the drylands near Lleida and Great Spotted Cuckoos are vociferously proclaiming their arrival.

Today a group of 3 or 4 of these early migrants begraced the tops of a small almond grove, watched suspiciously by an unusually serene party of Magpies. Perched on rocks and watching from a distance.

Saturday afternoon is probably not the best time to be out on these particular Spanish steppes as the birds are obviously flustered by the intense human leisure activity: light planes flying in wide circles around the aerodrome, a couple of model planes out and around their own particular aerodrome, the motocross youths riding inanely around the dirt tracks, the weekend farmers…

I prefer a bit more peace and quiet. I’ll have to come back during the week and see what the Great Spotted Cuckoo, Little Bustard and Pin-tailed Sandgrouse are up to.

2 Responses to “Welcome Back Great Spotted Cuckoo!”

  1. David Says:
  2. Hi I have heard a the morning on the 6th and 7th of June near Vista Bella Golf. Is this a cuckoo or is there another bird that make the same sound ?.
    Regards David.

  3. admin Says:
  4. Hi David
    If it sounded like a common cuckoo then that’s most likley what it was

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