Try the Bird Photo Quiz

Country: Switzerland. A fellow bird guide and friend, Beat Rüegger, has been gathering thousands of bird and plant photographs over the years to make a fantastic identification quiz, which goes by the name of Biofotoquiz. He’s the bird specialist while his wife, Florence, is the plant expert.

Together they have assembled an enormous amount of photographic information to make a web page by which it is possible to train yourself in bird (or plant) identification, choosing between the different levels (Beginner, Advanced or Expert), different systematic groups, or different habitats.

And then you can test yourself to see if you really do know what you think you do about bird and plant identification. Try the quiz at your level (or what you think is your level!) and see where you come on the ranking list.

Here’s what the authors say:

Biofotoquiz offers the opportunity to train your skill to identify plant and animal species. It includes

* a learn mode with three levels
* four quiz modes with ranking lists
* series of images for printing

At the moment there are training units with plants and birds with 7169 photos of 966 species in 99 series available.

Have fun!

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