Things that can go bump on a birding trip

What can possibly go wrong on  a foreign birding trip?

Not much, well, not really that much, except:

1.The accommodation or food, or both, is lousy.

2.The itinerary, timing or pace of your trip are not quite right and you end up missing a lot of the best birds.

3.You experience car hire problems.

4.You experience traffic or driving problems.

5.Getting lost becomes a habit.

Don’t get lost while birding in Spain

Now I’m sure he said turn left at Catalonia and straight on for Extremadura, didn’t he?

6.You don’t know which tracks are public access and consequently you end up missing some great birding spots.

7.You have an unfortunate encounter with traffic police.

8.You car is broken into and your possessions, passport and money are stolen.

9.Your binoculars are stolen by highway thieves.

10.You suspect you have been overcharged for a taxi ride.

Birding from the car is a possibility when birding in Spain

There’s no rush, it’s better watching birds here…

11.The road to the bird is closed due to a sporting event and you have no alternative site up your sleeve.

12.You miss many birds because you are not familiar with their calls.

13.You urgently need to go to an optician’s/doctor/dentist in a strange city, and where they may not speak your language.

14.You don’t like driving around big cities, but there’s no way to avoid it.

15.You’ve had an accident. The car is a write-off. You are on the way to the next hotel. There are no alternative vehicles available. You are leading a group of 7 people. You are by the side of the motorway with 2 Guardia Civils and the driver of the other vehicle.

16.You are suffering from dehydration but don’t know it.

 Maybe we can see a Lammergeier through the square window?

… than from our hotel window. “A room with a view” the brochure said!

All of these situations have either happened to us or have been reported to us as happening to our clients when travelling alone. We’ve learnt a lot about guiding groups and individuals to get the best from their birding in Spain over the last 16 years or so. That’s possibly why many of our clients trust us with the organization of their valuable birding time.

So, choose a number between 1 and 16. Or get professional service and guidance from Birding In Spain.

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