The official presentation of “Wings over Montsec”

This morning at Sant Llorenç de Montgai near Balaguer the “Wings over Montsec” project was officially presented to an interested public of some 40 people. Those present included politicians, mayors from the villages of Montsec, hoteliers, tourism technicians and of course, After all, it was our work being put on show!

Wings over montsec leaflet 1

The leaflet provides detailed information on two major birding routes in the Montsec area: the Eagle Route and the Lammergeier Route. The Eagle Route was designed to correspond to the general area where it is possible to see Bonelli’s Eagles, while the Lammergeier Route in the north traces a path that follows the trail of the Montsec Lammergeiers.

Wings over montsec leaflet 2

Each of these two major routes is divided into 7 birding itineraries named after some of the most emblematic or charismatic of the birds it is possible to see, for example Bonelli’s Eagle, Wallcreeper, Penduline Tit, Rock Thrush, etc. Accompanying each itinerary there is a map and an explanation of the itinerary and the birds that can be seen along the way.

We sincerely hope that this information will prove practical and useful and will attract a few more foreign birders to this overlooked area. We also hope that it will serve to make local people and politicians aware of the importance of protecting these special local birds and their habitats.

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