Get up early for summer birding

For a long time now I’ve shared the widely-held belief that July and August are not months for birding in, especially in Spain, where daytime temperatures can surpass the 40ºC mark. Nevertheless, when there’s work to be done it’s a case of don the cap, smear on the suncream, and dust off the binoculars. And trust in the car’s air-conditioning too!

However, there is another way. And it’s probably the best. Get up with the sparrows, no later, and get out somewhere nearby, take a walk when the temperatures are pleasant and bird activity is at its highest. If you get back to the car more or less at the time when the birds start panting you’ve probably timed it to perfection!

Furthermore, you’ll have done a good portion of the day’s necessary exercise, and a good siesta after a delicious lunch is perfectly justifiable!


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