Birding through the crisis: a swift response

The price of petrel has soared so that even spendthrifts quail at the thought of filling the tank.
At the same time high mortgages are forcing many to sell their residence in the house mart in the local paper.
Everyone knows we’re in for a ruff time. It’s so tempting to snipe at banks and investors for causing this crisis, but that is knot really going to help things much.
So before your life takes a serious tern and you start robin’ other people’s possessions, try following this simple advice:

·    Do by all means have a good grouse about the world economy if that makes you feel better
·    In practical terms it’s best to swallow hard, go to the pub, have a nightjar or two, followed by a good, long P.aristotelis.
·    And remember one essential thing: birding is for life, so never even think about ditching your hobby.

Can you spot the 14 birds in this text and its title?

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