Are you willing to pay for conservation?

119 votes so far

If you were asked to pay to enter a nature reserve in the knowledge that the money you paid would go directly towards its conservation, how would you respond

That was the question we asked on our Birding In Spain fan page on Facebook.

Birding In Spain Facebook question

To date the response has been:

I would definitely contribute in that case = 85 votes

No problem. Is there a “Friends of the Park” association I can join too? = 13 votes

How do I know that my money is going towards conservation? = 12 votes 

 It depends on the overall price = 6 votes

It depends on how the conservation is being done =  1 vote

We always pay to enter a nature reserve anyway = 1 vote

No, that’s a government task. We’re paying taxes for that = 1 vote

Pay? No way! = 0 votes

If you would like to follow the debate, or if you would like to have your own say, just follow this link to the question on Facebook or visit the Birding In Spain fan page.

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