New bird silhouette competition

Regular visitors to the blog might have noticed a lull in blogging activity over the last few weeks. Well, summer’s here, it’s close to 40ºC outside, and most birds are clever enough to be keeping a very low profile in this part of northeast Spain. Not just that, but the heat sizzles the brain a little, making it hard for an amateur blogger like myself to come up with something fresh and stimulating.

Here’s the offering. I don’t know if it’s fresh, but it should be a little stimulating. So make sure you tackle this new bird silhouette competition after the sun goes down, so as not to suffer from neuron meltdown.   

Bird silhouette competition

Winners get to buy me an ice-cold drink.

2 Responses to “New bird silhouette competition”

  1. mike gilli Says:
  2. hi there
    I’d like to identify some raptors I’ve seen in Collserola
    cant find the Silhouette 1 poster on your blog
    The 2nd poster is no help.
    Why not just make these posters available with key to curious public like me??

    All the best………..salud……mike

  3. Hayden Says:
  4. nice

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