Top 50 birds of northeast Spain: the Snowfinch

Snowfinch Montifringilla nivalis

Snowfinch in the Pyrenees, Spain

The Snowfinch breeds around alpine pastures and snowfields on rocky mountain tops at altitudes of more than 2,000m in the Pyrenees. It forms largish flocks in the winter when it can be seen out of its normal breeding range, but rarely at less than 1,400m.

Birding itineraries in the Pyrenees where the Snowfinch can be seen: Selva de Iratí and Ori, Ordesa National Park, Benasque, Serra del Cadí (winter).

Snowfinch distribution in the Pyrenees, Spain

Snowfinch distribution in the Pyrenees, Spain

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  1. Erik-Jan Says:
  2. Goedenavond,
    Eind april – begin mei ben ik van plan naar de Pyreneën te gaan. Een doelsoort is onder andere Sneeuwvinken. Wat zijn de beste locaties en heeft u daar eventueel kaartje van met gps coordinaten van de beste plekken voor de soort?
    Met vriendelijke groet,

  3. admin Says:
  4. Thank you for your interest Erik – Jan. Here though we should point out a couple of things: (i) If you want a timely reply you should send us an e-mail, as we don’t revise the comments on our blog as regularly as we should, especially when we are on tour as is often the case in the spring and early summer (ii) how do I put this? We are not a state-sponsored tourist information board, and so we do not give coordinates, locations etc for birds, other than those already described in the itineraries on our website, or in my book “Where the birds are in northeast Spain”. Food on our table mainly comes from our guiding services, so sorry to disappoint.

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