Postcards from Marvellous May

Marvellous May Tour

For a change we invite you to just sit back and enjoy the pictures…

Ebro delta sunrise, el Fangar

We stay at the bird-rich Ebro Delta for 2 nights…

Hosteria de Guara, in the Sierra de Guara

… and then, alas, only one night at the lovely Hosteria de Guara in the Sierra de Guara…

Marvellous May: fields full of poppies

… but we make up for it, by staying in the Roncal Valley for 3 nights …

An old bridge in the Roncal Valley, Navarra

Follow the green Roncal Valley into the Pyrenees

… and we finish in style in southern Navarra, with steppes, wetlands and forests.

The Bárdenas Reales, Navarra

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