More Gekko Art

Here’s some more …


Dupont’s Lark, by Javier

The shy and elusive Dupont’s Lark sings mostly at dawn. It gets you up before the sunrise, when your world is still unsure of what the day will bring.

Javier managed to capture the perfect pose. The Dupont’s Lark that we’d all like to see when we look for it, and which is so hard to come by. My focus was mostly on the background, and a sunny glow.

Great Crested Grebes, by Colin

Here I focused in on the birds. You can see that they’re on water, but the background is unnatural. They only have eyes for each other at this moment. Witnessing birds dancing for each other is just sublime.

Little Egret, by Adam.

A white bird in the water, enshrouded in mist but with a strange golden reflection on its plumage. The mist has cleared for us for a moment, and maybe for the egret too, as it readies to stab at a little fish.

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