Hotspot reflections: pigshit and glyphosate everywhere


  • Cattle farms where rice fields used to be, surrounded by maize and bulldozers flattening land, as well as combine harvesters and tractors.
  • Pig, poultry or sheep farms in otherwise quiet places, where cattle trucks rush past the stroller seeking contact with nature
  • And all that animal shit? It must go somewhere. Biogas plants? There are a handful in the region, and livestock units number in the thousands (at least). So again, where does the shit go?
  • On the fields … Into the water … Up your nostrils
    Those are just some of the direct effects; then there’s intensification of arable land to supply animal feed, widespread pesticide (glyphosate) use, loss of fallow, field margins, and overall landscape diversity
  • Inevitably, we lose even more contact with nature, unless you see a glyphosate-soaked field of barley as nature.
    I don’t, and there are many more like me. Just now and then our voices are heard above the din.
  • But we’re all too meek. Perhaps this is the world we inherit because of our conformity. Now I understand a little bit more: leave the world full of shit and let the meek take care of it.

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