How can any birder not agree that Hawfinches are really cool birds. I’m sure Franck Renard thinks the same. Just look at his photos of these beautiful Hawfinches below. Feel the photographer’s respect and desire to portray the species as it really is.

 Hawfinch by Franck Renard

Hawfinches by Franck Renard

Hawfinches by Franck Renard

Many thanks to Franck for sending us these photos and for allowing us all to enjoy them. It just so happens that this winter there has been an exceptionally good number of Hawfinches in northeast Spain. From early November I’ve had the good fortune to see Hawfinches in Navarra, Huesca and on several occasions in the Montsec area, Lleida.

For me nowadays seeing a Hawfinch is one of the bright sparks of winter birding. And I’m sure Hawfinches will give Franck and I something to talk about when he comes here in February to photograph the Lammergeier and other vultures.

Curious to see the face behind the photos? See who Franck Renard is and a little of what he does by following this link, and this other one.

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