Birding from the Pyrenees to the plains

That’s not exactly true, because Jim (a fellow birder from Japan) and I didn’t make it into the Pyrenees, we only got as far as Montsec.

However, by following the Montroig itinerary as shown on the Birding In Spain website we actually got the Pyrenees to come to the plains. How? Well, that’s a metaphor of course, but when you see about 10 Alpine Accentors a few minutes after seeing a few Black Wheatears the birder in you asks, where am I? In the Pyrenees? On the plains?

The morning’s birding had been great on the plains around Alfés, with 4 Great Spotted Cuckoos, about 30 Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, 18 Little Bustard, Calandra Larks asong, a Golden Eagle, a Hen Harrier, 2 Merlins and, with no disrespect intended for those not mentioned, etc.

And not to forget 2 Red-rumped Swallows (early or what?), an out-of-range Bullfinch and an obliging pair of Black Wheatears (on the plains).

The afternoon made us work harder but Penduline Tit, Rock Bunting and Stone Curlew provided those little heart palpitations that birders seem to crave so much.

We’re off to the Llobregat delta tomorrow. It’s a bit harder for the Pyrenees to follow us there, unless the Walcreeper’s still on those cliffs at Garraf!

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