Bustling British Birdwatching Fair

This year’s Bird Fair at Rutland Water seems to be set to break the previous records of attendance and funds raised for conservation. BirdingInSpain.com were there for the whole 3 days, invited to give a talk about the birding opportunities in the province of Lleida and occasionally helping out at the stand of the Catalonia Tourist Board.

BBF at Rutland Water 2008

Everything there is extremely well organised, and just as well. Friday morning saw a constant flood of public pouring through the entrance gates and swamping stands and events. Luckily the rain held off, the weather was warm and pleasant, as even for the birdfair organisation two floods would have been too much to cope with at the same time!

The Birdfair proved to be yet another great occasion for meeting public and bird traders alike, and even rubbing shoulders with the odd celebrity or two (won’t say who just yet). One warning though – get the wallet ready, as it is always so difficult to resist making a purchase or two!

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