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Benefits of joining a Natural Hotspot Holidays

As already mentioned, the basic idea of a Natural Hotspot Holiday is to identify natural hotspots – small areas with an incredibly high biodiversity and an unusual array of landscapes. Within a 25 kilometre (16 mile) radius of an imaginary centre of a natural hotspot it will be possible to see more than 120 species of birds, and some very special birds at that.

  • Natural Hotspot Holiday benefit 1: there is much less driving than in a standard bird tour. Which means lower carbon emissions and a more relaxing pace. And more time to actually be out and about enjoying the wildlife that you came to see.

The areas chosen for the Natural Hotspot Holidays are authentic centres of biodiversity. They have been carefully selected from years of experience and intimate knowledge of their natural attributes, which has acquired over countless field trips and explorations.

  • Natural Hotspot Holiday benefit 2: we make the best use of intimate and detailed local knowledge of the most interesting and exciting places and the possibilities that these offer the visiting birder and naturalist.

In addition to quantity, a Natural Hotspot's value is also determined by quality.

...Lammergeier, Bonelli's Eagle, Little Bustard, Roller, Red-necked Nightjar, Eagle Owl, Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, etc...

  • Natural Hotspot benefit 3: it will be possible to see a wide range of scarce or emblematic species, many of which will be new to the visiting birder or naturalist. Some such birds include Lammergeier, Bonelli's Eagle, Little Bustard, Roller, Red-necked Nightjar, Eagle Owl, Wallcreeper, Alpine Accentor, etc.

However, ecotourism means more than just travelling to see nature. According to TIES (The International Ecotourism Society) ecotourism is:

"responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people."

  • Natural Hotspot benefit 4: always prefers to use small rural hotels as close as possible to the best birding areas. No big international chains, nor city-based hotels. That is one way that local people can see and feel the benefit of your presence.

Enjoy yourself like a local

Enjoy every minute, life like a local

With our in-depth knowledge of the areas concerned and our very personal ties to this part of Spain already has a deep respect for local customs, culture and ways.

  • Natural Hotspot benefit 5: Nature aside, we are also well set to enable you to enjoy the best of the rest – gastronomy, human geography and history, festivals...

This familiarity and background also enables to guide visiting naturalists and birders to achieve really enriching experiences while still maintaining respect for the environment and the birds.

  • Natural Hotspot benefit 6: We are aware of how to visit the area without destroying any part of the natural wealth that you have come here to see.

Now that seems like a lot, but it is still not enough for So we are actively working with local authorities in Montsec (Lleida) to promote sustainable tourism and ecotourism. In an ongoing project we have designed a series of itineraries within two birdwatching routes called "The Lammergeier Route" and "The Bonelli's Eagle Route" (see in the examples section), we are working to inform tourism agents within the region about the requirements and benefits of sustainable tourism, and soon we will be involved in actively forming local nature guides.

  • Natural Hotspot benefit 7: by participating in a hotspot holiday you will be helping to raise local awareness of the benefits of sustainable tourism.

While we realize that many potential clients will be highly bird-motivated we are also fully capable of catering for less bird-oriented companions or family members.

All together now!

you don't have to leave your loved ones at home to enjoy a Natural Hotspot Holiday...

  • Natural Hotspot benefit 8: you don't have to leave your loved ones at home to enjoy a Natural Hotspot Holiday. You can come with your partner or even the kids and arrange things as most interests you. Are they interested in birding with you? If so great, but if not there are so many alternatives possible that they won't have enough time to exhaust them all! Request our programme "Leave them with us".

Relax. It's a natural hotspot, but there's no fire. can move at any pace, but personally we prefer the slow travel concept. An intimate, enriching experience, with moments of solitude and exciting encounters with wildlife. We also endeavour to put birding into a wider context; that of the surrounding countryside that also reveals its worth in the form of fine local produce such as wine, olive oil, honey, almonds....

Varied interests, customized trips

Custom Trips

  • Natural Hotspot benefit 9: can inform the visitor of local points of cultural or historical interest and will be flexible enough to incorporate visits to these depending on the interest expressed by the group.
  • Natural Hotspot benefit 10: will continue to study ways by which our success in showing visitors around this marvellous corner of Spain can be reinvested in helping to protect the local environment and benefit local populations.

We believe that what nature tourism really enjoys is diversity. With a natural hotspot holiday birds, mammals, butterflies, plants, landscapes, places and people all contribute to weave a unique tapestry of experiences and memories that will accompany you long after your return home.

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