Bujaraloz, Monegros Desert

The area known as the Monegros is the arid heart of the Ebro valley. It is open, flat or gently undulating terrain largely given over to grazing and extensive agriculture. Despite the fact that in recent years wide-reaching irrigation schemes have bitten big chunks out of the dryland areas, there are still large tracts of land where the characteristic steppe species of Spain can be found.

The Monegros Desert itinerary is centred around the town of Bujaraloz and offers the visitor an exciting combination of birds and habitats, such as the relict yew woodland of la Retuerta, the many salt lakes (usually dry) dotting the map to the south of the town, stony fields and arable land.

Bird Species that can be found in Bujaraloz, Monegros:

  • Purple Heron
  • White Stork
  • Egyptian Vulture
  • Griffon Vulture
  • Black Kite
  • Marsh Harrier
  • Montagu's Harrier
  • Short-toed Eagle
  • Golden Eagle
  • Hobby
  • Stone Curlew
  • Pin-tailed Sandgrouse
  • Black-bellied Sandgrouse
  • Little Owl
  • Bee-eater
  • Wryneck
  • Crag Martin
  • Dupont's Lark
  • Calandra Lark
  • Lesser Short-toed Lark
  • Short-toed Lark
  • Thekla Lark
  • Black Wheatear
  • Black-eared Wheatear
  • Blue Rock Thrush
  • Fan-tailed Warbler
  • Cetti's Warbler
  • Melodious Warbler
  • Great Reed Warbler
  • Sardinian Warbler
  • Spectacled Warbler
  • Penduline Tit
  • Golden Oriole
  • Woodchat Shrike
  • Red-billed Chough,Tree Sparrow
  • Dotterel (passage)