The Hecho and Ansó Valleys

Rivers thundering through steep gorges, craggy peaks, forest-clad slopes, green valleys and pastures. That's part of the story of these two valleys in the northwest extreme of Aragón.

Another part belongs to the birds, as here, at the Barranco del Infierno, is perhaps the most famous site in Western Europe for the coveted Wallcreeper.

And if that for any reason fails to produce the desired result, then there's site another nearby, as well as the chance of seeing an exciting array of alpine birds.

Bird Species that can be found in The Hecho and Ansó Valleys:

  • Lammergeier
  • Griffon Vulture
  • Egyptian Vulture
  • Red Kite
  • Golden Eagle
  • Short-toed Eagle
  • Booted Eagle
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Black Woodpecker
  • Bee-eater
  • Alpine Swift
  • Crag Martin
  • Woodlark
  • Water Pipit
  • Grey Wagtail
  • Dipper
  • Alpine Accentor
  • Rock Thrush
  • Ring Ouzel
  • Dartford Warbler
  • Crested Tit
  • Marsh Tit
  • Firecrest
  • Wallcreeper
  • Red-backed Shrike
  • Red-billed Chough
  • Alpine Chough
  • Rock Sparrow,Crossbill
  • Citril Finch
  • Cirl Bunting
  • Rock Bunting