Els Ports Natural Park Itinerary From Tortosa to Mont Caro

Starting point: Tortosa
Time: 3 - 5 hours

Approaching Tortosa from the north along the C-12 turn right at the first roundabout into the town of Roquetes. Follow the indications for Els Ports Natural Park and Mont Caro. Stay on this road for the 20 or so kilometres that will take you to the summit of Mont Caro, the highest point of the Ports at an altitude of 1,447 metres.

Make stops on the way up to admire the breathtaking views and to sample the birdlife of the different habitats. The range of species here is similar to that of the previous itinerary , with greater chances of finding Orphean and Sardinian Warbler in the olive groves at the foot of the mountain, and Rock Bunting in the more exposed, rocky areas higher up.

Rock Bunting - Els Ports