Benasque is a high mountain area set within sight of the highest mountain in the Pyrenees Aneto, which stands at 3,404m. There is a great variety of habitats here, from hay meadows, pine and fir woodland, alpine meadows, rocky slopes and craggy peaks.

Correspondingly, there is a rich and varied birdlife, although as with other mountain areas some effort is often required to see some of the more prized high mountain species.

Bird Species that can be found in Benasque:

  • Lammergeier
  • Red Kite
  • Booted Eagle
  • Golden Eagle
  • Short-toed Eagle
  • Honey Buzzard
  • Goshawk
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • Ptarmigan
  • Capercaillie
  • Tengmalm's Owl
  • Black Woodpecker
  • Alpine Swift
  • Dipper
  • Alpine Accentor
  • Rock Thrush
  • Ring Ouzel
  • Marsh Tit
  • Wallcreeper
  • Alpine Chough
  • Red-billed Chough
  • Snowfinch
  • Ortolan Bunting